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Free Spirit Ventures Inc. was incorporated in May 1979, in Smithers, B.C. Primarily involved with the Woods Industry, Free Spirit Ventures Inc. initially owned and operated a sawmill; contracted drilling and blasting; and safety consulting. Over time the company changed the perspective in each phase of its operation:

The sawmill became a raw stock supplier for a wood remanufacturing plant. Brian Brown was a partner in that facility. In 1987 Free Spirit Ventures Inc. divested itself of the sawmill and Mr. Brown concluded his partnership with the wood remanufacturing plant.

The contract drilling and blasting was seasonal. Free Spirit Ventures Inc. became a vendor for ACE Explosives. In 1991 the drilling and blasting component was phased out.

The safety-consulting segment continued to grow through time. Free Spirit Ventures Inc. became a Registered Trades School, with WCB First Aid courses as the main curriculum. In addition, the company offered First Aid Sales and Services. In 1991 the First Aid Division was sold and Free Spirit Ventures Inc. moved to Prince George

From 1991 to 1994, Free Spirit Ventures Inc. worked with environmental companies in developing new technologies, creating a Special Waste Facility and managing it for one year.

Since 1994, Free Spirit Ventures Inc. has been actively working with the Woods Industry, performing Safety Audits for both Sawmills and Logging Contractors.

During this time, Free Spirit Ventures Inc. worked on the Central Interior Logging Association - Forest Worker Training Strategy Report. Subsequent to this report Free Spirit Ventures Inc. created the successful proposal for the CILA on Forest Worker Basic Skills Training Program. The recent outcome of this endeavor is the present BC Logging Health & Safety Agency.

The Principle, Brian Brown, has been active in many Forestry orientated organizations that are concerned with the changes within the Forest Industry and the development of training programs.

Brian Brown was active on the Industry Task Force that created the Forest Practices Code Awareness and Skills Training Packages, as well as being involved in the development of the curriculum for the Forest Practices Code Program, which then led into the involvement of delivering the "Train the Trainer" sessions for this program.

Since its inception Free Spirit Ventures Inc. has been involved in assessing the needs of the forest sector in terms of training and safety. Free Spirit Ventures Inc. has been developing training and delivering it since 1979. It has been an aim of Free Spirit Ventures Inc. to bring effective, relevant and cost-effective training to the clientele served. This Company has been successful in this endeavor and has contributed an enormous amount of volunteer time in working with organizations in trying to achieve the required training throughout the Woods Industry.

Through this time, FSV has developed a support staff of capable workers as well as a cadre of part-time individuals that have a wealth of experience and contacts in the industry. With this team, an effective assessment, development of proposals, training and monitoring can be established.

Free Spirit Ventures

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