OHS Regulation Compliance Alert May 25, 2009

Recent inspections by WorkSafeBC Officers in Northern BC have revealed a trend of non-compliance that appears to be based upon a lack of understanding regarding the limitations on use of work platforms and articulating boom cranes (knuckle booms).

The OHS Regulation s.13.27 (4) (a) (b) limits the use of work platforms on articulating boom cranes as follows:

(4) A work platform must not be

(a) suspended from an articulating boom crane, or

(b) attached to an articulating boom crane, unless the crane manufacturer approves the installation.

This Regulation is based upon ASME Standard B30.22 Articulating Boom Cranes which prohibits the use of articulating boom cranes from hoisting or suspending platforms from the hook but permits platforms to be attached to the boom when approved by the crane manufacturer. OHS Regulation s. 14.2 (1) and (5) require articulating boom cranes to be used according to the requirements of ASME B30.22.

Several reasons for the restriction by the OHS Regulation are:

a) older articulating boom cranes are not always equipped with appropriate check valves to prevent inadvertent extension of the boom when oriented downward;

b) the boom of the articulating boom can easily be orientated with the hook facing up and that can cause the attached load to become dislodged;

c) difficulty in properly leveling articulating boom cranes that are not fully equipped with outriggers to ensure their stability when hoisting a work platform.

Please review the requirements of the OHS Regulations as they apply to any Articulating Boom Cranes that you or your company owns or employs to ensure that you are complying with the existing Regulations and Standards and thereby ensuring the safety of your workers.

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