Site Evaluation Programs

BC Forest Safety Council External Audits

The steps towards SAFE certification are the same for everyone. Register, develop your program, get a safety audit done by an external auditor, maintain certification.

In the SAFE Companies program, a large company is any company with 20 or more employees and /or dependent contractors at any one time (peak season).

Large employers have a greater level of responsibility to involve employees, plan, manage and record their safety activities because of the realities of dealing with more workers, but the safety requirements for protecting workers are the same for all sizes of employers.

Construction Safety Network External Audits

As a construction employer in BC, you have determined that you would like to achieve a Certificate of Recognition (COR). Large employers are required to have their Health & Safety Program externally audited using a qualified external auditor. The COR certificate is valid for three years, provided maintenance audits are submitted annually by your anniversary date and the company remains in good standing.

Safety Program Audits

This audit is designed to determine and recommend that: written safe work procedures are in place, training needs are being met, safety inspections are taking place, WSBC Regulations are being applied and how best to implement the recommendations.

Safety and Environmental Audits

These audits are intended to measure the work site for safety efforts against well-established elements of an effective safety program.

Fall Arrest Protection Assessments

An evaluation designed to assess the work site for hazards, safe use and limitations of the equipment,including safety belts, harnesses, lanyards and lifelines.

Confined Space Assessments

A hazard assessment must be conducted for each confined space or each group of confined spaces, which share similar characteristics and work activity or groups of work activities, which present similar hazards to be performed inside a confined space.

Personal Protective Equipment Assessments

An evaluation designed to assess the work site for the proper safe use and limitations of the personal protective equipment. This includes hearing protection, eye protection, suitable clothing, footwear and high visibility garments.

Environmental Risk Management (ERM)

This evaluation assesses the operation in ensuring compliance for Environmental Certification. Based on this evaluation, training is provided.

Noise Level & Source Identification Surveys

A survey designed to assess the work site for hazards and sources of high levels of noise and to recommend solutions for such noted hazards.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information (WHMIS) Surveys

To inventory and catalogue all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and defining all systems to ensure that the containers within the work place have the appropriate labeling and classifications of hazardous chemicals.

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