Specialized Training Courses

Aerial Work Platforms

The purpose of this program is to ensure the safe operation of elevating work platforms including scissor lifts and aerial lifts.

ATV / Snowmobile Operation

To provide the worker with training that is current and relevant, to maintain a high level of safety and expertise on the job, as well as to meet the demands of the new WSBC Regulatory Requirements and technology within the forest industry.

BCTS-EMS (for Supervisors or Workers)

This course is designed to inform applicants for BCTS Timber Sales of the required information which provides a framework for good environmental management; compliance with legal and other requirements that promote preventing damage to the environment and promote continual improvement.

Chainsaw / Brushsaw Safety and Maintenance

This program is designed to train the worker in the safe use and maintenance of power-saws and brush saws. Classroom training is supplemented with practical application.

Confined Space Workshops

This review of Confined Spaces in a workshop setting focuses on the intent of this Section based on WSBC Policies and Guidelines, then determines if the existing Company Policies effectively address the Regulations.

Environmental Risk Management (ISO 14001)

Training on the various certifications required by industry; covering the needs, work procedures and spill response.

Fall Arrest / Fall Protection

A program designed to train the worker in the proper and safe use and limitations of personal fall protection equipment, including safety belts, harnesses, lanyards and lifelines.


This course covers the Use, Inspection and Maintenance of Lift Truck Operator Training to CSA Standard B335-94.

Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspection

Prepares any person to perform the annual test and inspection of fire extinguisher as required by BC Fire Code 1998/NFPA10.

H2S Awareness

This course provides information on how to recognize the hazards of H2S and to use Safe Work Procedures.

Ladder Safety

This course covers slips, trips and falls on stairways and ladders.  At the end of this training, you should be able to list or describe the safety guidelines and requirements for stairways used at a construction site, as well as the safe practices and requirements for ladders at a construction site.

Light Duty Driver

This one-day course prepares individuals for driving light-duty trucks with GVW up to 5500 kg, such as 4x4s, crew cabs and cars to and from field locations.  Designed to reduce company vehicle accidents.

Millwright Electrical Safety

The purpose of this Electrical Safe Work Practice Training Program is guidance concerning proper PPE and the techniques for working on electrical systems.

Mobile Equipment Operator

To provide the worker with training that is current & relevant,  to maintain a high level of safety and expertise on the job, as well as to  meet the demands of the new regulatory requirements and technology.  To produce a trainee that meets an acceptable proficiency level.

Planning and Conducting More Effective Safety Meetings and Safety Committee Activities.

This session will work with existing Safety Committee members to improve the results derived from committee meetings and to explain the Regulatory Requirements of a Safety Committee.

S100 Fire Management Basic

A combination of classroom and practical field application ensures workers are familiar with all aspects of the Basic Fire Suppression and Safety.

Safety: Industry Specific

A review of all WSBC Requirements concerning any specific industry and the application of those Regulations.

Safety Programs - Safety Management Systems (co. program)

This session prepares workers and supervisors to be able to effectively use or modify the existing Safety Program where they work.

Shoring and Excavation Safety

This session compliments the above, with detailed information on effective ways to shore and work in excavations.

Spill Response

Put plans into place to enable the workers to respond effectively and in a timely way to emergency situations such as spills and to ensure good environmental performances.

Supervisor Workshops

Topics include Accident / Incident Investigations, Due Diligence, Inspections, OH&S Regulations, Safety Program Applications

WSBC Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS)

This session covers Classification of Hazardous Chemicals, Labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) specific to your worker's needs.

Train the Trainer

This session assists future instructors in becoming more proficient by providing a basic foundation of teaching skills.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

This session trains workers in being able to comply with and understand TDG, which is required for the handling and transportation of Dangerous Goods on BC roads.


A half hour presentation, supported by handouts and flip chart, (overheads are optional) and finished with a 15 minute quiz.  The quiz is collectively corrected by the students and instructor.  This session is designed to introduce participants to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Wildlife Awareness

This course is two hours long.  An introduction into Wildlife Hazards supported by a video.  Pre and post-testing ensures information has been understood.

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